What’s SLVS-EC?

Scalable Low-Voltage Signaling with Embedded Clock, abbreviated SLVS-EC, is a high-speed interface standard developed by Sony for fast, high-resolution image sensors. The interface’s simple protocol makes it easy to build camera systems. Featuring an embedded clock signal, it is a good choice for higher speeds or transmission over longer distances.

SLVS-EC features

High-speed transmission

Enables implementation for high-speed, high-resolution image sensors without adding pins or enlarging the package. Supports up to 5 Gbps/lane. (As of November 2020.)

Multi-lane functionality

Extremely versatile, with exceptional freedom in the connection configuration between image sensors and the FPGA/DSP.

  • Multi-interface
  • The base SLVS-EC configuration features 1–8 lanes, and using multiple interfaces enables high-speed data transfer.
  • Multi-sensor
  • Signals from multiple image sensors can be received by a single FPGA/DSP, for multi-camera systems or similar applications.
    Without a clock lane and or need for wiring of equal length, SLVS-EC affords greater freedom in sensor arrangements.
  • Multi-stream
  • Enables simultaneous output of multiple types of images from a single image sensor.*1
  • Example:
    Full-resolution video + Full HD still images, or other combinations
  • *1: Multi-stream functionality is implemented in consumer camera sensors. (As of November 2020.)

Easy system implementation

– Uses the same 8b/10b encoding as in common interfaces. Can be connected to FPGAs or other common industrial camera components.
– With an embedded clock signal, SLVS-EC requires no skew adjustment between lanes and is a good choice for long-distance transmission.
– Simple protocol facilitates implementation.

SLVS-EC standard

SLVS-EC is standardized by the Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA)
JIIA website (External Link)

For details on how to receive the latest version of the SLVS-EC Specification, please inquire us via ‘contact us’ below.

For the details of the licensing program of Standard Essential Patents, please click here.

*SLVS-EC and logo are trademarks of Sony Group Corporation.

Source: https://www.sony-semicon.co.jp/e/products/IS/industry/SLVS_EC_technology.html

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