Globin Intercommunication, LLC d/b/a Urban Security Group d/b/a GMM Intercom, with headquarters in Borough Park, Brooklyn, NY and serving the NY Tri-State Area, is a progressive forward thinking company involved in intercommunication, mailboxes, security systems, roof alarms and access control design, installation, service, maintenance, repair, conversion, refurbishment, consultation and customer support. It is a fully bonded and insured limited liability company, licensed by the New York State DOS. All installed systems comply with local legal standards and are inspected by appropriate authorities on a regular basis to ensure all standards are strictly adhered to. Internal quality controls are fully integrated with business systems and policies, with a company culture focused on creating value for the customer and ensuring repeat business for the organization.

We have over 40 years experience in the industry. It provides comprehensive and ongoing training to both sales and installation/service personnel. The company is constantly investigating and researching new security systems and devices that are introduced to the security industry worldwide to ensure long lasting stability and success. The company has completed a wide and varied selection of installations in the public, commercial and private sectors.


NEW YORK CITY CALL US: 718-701-5850

NYS DOS License # 12000299287