While digital video surveillance systems offer an exceeding amount of rich features compared to their analog ancestors, they still require thoughtful design and deployment to ensure maximum cost-effectiveness. Among the various criteria that impact surveillance network video recorder (NVR) system value, storage capacity can be particularly significant and easily misunderstood.Continue Reading

To accommodate the deluge of data collection for smart cities and other AI deployments, system integrators and solution architects need to ensure they have the proper storage configuration. Otherwise, customers will be subject to dropped frames and data loss, which inhibits deep learning and predictive analysis. Here are the topContinue Reading

By implementing IT 4.0 architecture, which leverages high-performing Seagate Technology hard drives at every stage of the data workflow, security personnel improve data capture, real-time analysis, preservation and protection. IT 4.0 SURVEILLANCE ARCHITECTURE Camera & IOT DevicesCaptures, ingests, analyzes and buffers NVR/DVR/Micro-datacenterCompresses, stores and develops AI inferences Centralized Back-End IPContinue Reading

Smart sensors and surveillance cameras are generating an unprecedented amount of data. Deploying the right storage technologies improves data accessibility for real-time analysis and decision-making for operations and smart city initiatives. In 2018, the global datasphere was estimated at 33 zettabytes and is expected to increase to 175 zettabytes byContinue Reading

Video surveillance is one of the fastest growing segments in the security industry. About 180 million professional surveillance cameras are expected to ship globally in 2019, as reported by IHS Markit. While video surveillance is certainly the “bread and butter” of nearly every security solution, it is not a failsafeContinue Reading

PUBLIC – This article does not require an IPVM membership. Feel free to share. This 25-page guide provides a reference to the NDAA ban and blacklist. The US government has implemented wide-ranging prohibitions on using, buying, and selling video surveillance products including Dahua, Hikvision, and Huawei (Hisilicon) based products. However,Continue Reading

7 Modules of Cybersecurity are designed to protect sensitive information from digital intruders while keeping it simple for users. Identity Security Identity security is a simple, but powerful, protocol made up of two components. Beginning with password security, this measure includes forced password setting after an initial log in, preventingContinue Reading

No matter where you are located, winter likely brings a host of inclement weather conditions, from icy cold temperatures to intense rain or snow. Can the outdoor cameras you’ve installed withstand the season? What about the extreme heat of the summer months? Thankfully, no matter what the weather conditions, DahuaContinue Reading

Determining what kind of lens to use in a security camera isn’t as difficult as it once was. Because the majority of security cameras today have an integrated, matched lens, a lot of the guesswork has been taken out of lens selection. Yet integrated-lens cameras still require interpretation of conditionsContinue Reading

Can you define AI? What about deep learning and machine learning? These words are being used a lot lately, and they can be confusing. Here, we give you a breakdown of what each of these terms mean and how they are being used in video surveillance. Artificial Intelligence (AI) TheContinue Reading