DOL-HDR: Digital Overlap High Dynamic Range

In the DOL-HDR technology, an image processing technology for subjects with high contrast. It synthesizes different exposure conditions into an image so that both bright and dark data can be seen at the same time.
Therefore, it outputs brilliant colors are captured even when pictures are taken against bright light for both video imaging and still imaging.

DOL-HDR Image, Short Exposure, Long Exposure


PDAF: Phase Detection Auto Focus

PDAF is the high speed auto focus technology.
This technology has the following merits compared with a conventional one (contrast AF).

  • Phase Detection Auto Focus

  • Conventional

PDAF provides amazing quick and accurate focusing by every frame detection.

Useful Case 1: Focusing to fast moving object

Object direction [Contrast AF search: Wrong search direction (near or far) Can't track the change of direction] [Ideal Phase detection AF: Can measure object distance on every frame]

Useful Case 2: Focusing in case of rapid scene change between near and far

Near Object, Far Object [Contrast AF search: Need Search Step] [Ideal Phase detection AF: Can move object position directly]


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