In the beginning there was analogue Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) where computer analytics did not exist, and it was up to those monitoring the pictures to spot as much as they could humanly do so – quite a tall order when you only had one or two operators watching banks of cameraContinue Reading

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, customers’ rapidly changing work and home environments present new demands for surveillance systems. Once viewed as a way to monitor street conditions, or for managers to monitor factories to spot faulty equipment, video surveillance is now a powerful tool to support thinly staffedContinue Reading

OverviewOf the fifty-one jurisdictions surveyed, only Vermont has no statutory provision governing the recording of oral conversations. All of the jurisdictions in some respect control the visual recording of persons and/or places in specified circumstances. The surveyed jurisdictions include the fifty states and the District of Columbia. This survey doesContinue Reading

By: Sean Peek Video surveillance is often necessary to protect your business, but there are state laws you need to know about. Video surveillance can be an effective way to protect your company and employees. In general, video surveillance is allowed as long as recording takes place where there isContinue Reading

By: Dustin Bonn Once upon a time, the grainy surveillance systems that operated on analog technology represented a breakthrough in security and monitoring for businesses everywhere. But times have changed, and digital video surveillance is making analog technology obsolete. If you are considering installing a new digital surveillance system or consideringContinue Reading

If you’re looking to install a video surveillance system in the workplace, consider a few advantages and disadvantages first. Installing video surveillance cameras in the workplace can increase security, deter theft and improve employee accountability. Businesses that wish to install security cameras should consider not only the cost, but potentialContinue Reading

A guide to help you choose the right system for your business. Here we examine the most important things to consider when considering a commercial CCTV camera system for your business. Choosing a commercial CCTV camera system can be difficult. With so many cameras, suppliers and specifications to choose fromContinue Reading

By: Wayne Connors – Managing Director of ACCL Reliable and comprehensive surveillance is part of many London companies’ security strategy. Surveillance requirements are very diverse, though. CCTV camera manufacturers have risen up to the challenge and came up with a wealth of options in terms of capabilities, performance and price.Continue Reading

7 Modules of Cybersecurity are designed to protect sensitive information from digital intruders while keeping it simple for users. Identity Security Identity security is a simple, but powerful, protocol made up of two components. Beginning with password security, this measure includes forced password setting after an initial log in, preventingContinue Reading

No matter where you are located, winter likely brings a host of inclement weather conditions, from icy cold temperatures to intense rain or snow. Can the outdoor cameras you’ve installed withstand the season? What about the extreme heat of the summer months? Thankfully, no matter what the weather conditions, DahuaContinue Reading