Determining what kind of lens to use in a security camera isn’t as difficult as it once was. Because the majority of security cameras today have an integrated, matched lens, a lot of the guesswork has been taken out of lens selection. Yet integrated-lens cameras still require interpretation of conditionsContinue Reading

Dahua’s transmission products are a key part of comprehensive security solutions, connecting devices while providing efficient data and power transmission. Our network switches help future-proof video surveillance systems by allowing for long-distance signaling without having to replace cable or switch infrastructure. Our ePoE devices are 100% backward compatible with PoE andContinue Reading

Site survey considerations Before installing a surveillance system, we recommend you do a site survey and document it for future needs and upgrades. There are many building blocks that make up a site survey, and this guide will help you identify them. One of the first things to define isContinue Reading

Many multi-functional IP cameras have audio input and output to provide audio monitoring and recording functionalities. To connect the microphone to IP camera’s audio input is not as complicated as you expect. However, in addition to the audio connection, the microphone requires power supply to work in many cases. ThereContinue Reading