When it comes to panoramic cameras, there are a number of options on the market to choose from. Some include multiple sensors in a single housing. Others produce panoramas with a single camera sensor.

Each of these has its strengths that allow it to shine in particular situations. The challenge is to know which is best suited for which particular application. But have no fear: we’re going to answer that question to help make sure you get the most out of our panoramic cameras.

Stitched Multi-sensor Technology

Stitched multi-sensor cameras combine video streams from multiple sensors to produce a high-resolution panoramic image of a 180º or 360º area. Stitched images are the optimal choice for busy scenes where wide-area surveillance is needed, such as stadiums, malls or city surveillance.

For security operators, mental fatigue can set in quickly when they must constantly switch focus among several camera views to monitor a scene. In these types of applications, stitched cameras relieve that strain by providing a single, all-encompassing image for monitoring.

Dahua offer four- or eight-sensor cameras that are precisely aligned within a single housing to produce a seamless, widescreen 180º to 360º view with minimal surveillance blind spots.

We’ve recently released two new 4x 2MP 180 multi-sensor panoramic cameras with a sleek, modern look that incorporate Dahua’s advanced WizMind analytics, such as vehicle density and crowd mapping, to further improve operators’ effectiveness and efficiency.

Unstitched Multi-Sensor Cameras

Multi-sensor cameras that are unstitched comprise of two or more single-sensor cameras in one housing to increase efficiency for wide-area surveillance. Each sensor provides a single output and can be positioned independently based on the specific requirements of a scene or application.

When customization is required, unstitched images are the best option, as they deliver the functionality of multiple single-sensor cameras with the convenience of using a single camera.

These cameras excel at providing a comprehensive, multi-camera view of a scene without the clutter of multiple cameras, decreasing total cost of ownership and offering a more flexible solution. They’re ideal for intersecting hallways and scenarios with multiple targeted monitoring points. For example, in a convenience store, one sensor could be pointed at the front door and another at the register, with wide-angle views to observe activity in detail. The remaining two sensors could be aimed on the aisles, using a telephoto view.

Dahua’s Multi-flex is a great example of a high-performing, multi-directional, unstitched-image multi-sensor camera. Like our new stitched cameras, these models incorporate high-powered analytics to provide excellent situational awareness.

Whether you choose stitched or unstitched cameras, multi-sensor cameras deliver improved image quality and flexibility, as well as better depth-of-field. Additionally, end users get a higher return on investment from deploying a multiple-sensor camera in place of multiple single-sensor units.

Fisheye Cameras

Unlike the first two camera types, Dahua’s fisheye cameras feature a single CMOS sensor with resolution choices of either 5MP, 6MP, or 12MP within a compact housing. These cameras use a special fisheye or panomorphic lens to produce ram video in a circular shape that is optically distorted. As a result, the image has to be dewarped with software to allow humans to make sense of the data.

Ideal for capturing small to mid-size scenes without blind spots at a 180º or 360° field of view, fisheye cameras are designed to replace multiple single-sensor cameras, providing a higher return on investment. Other benefits fisheyes offer include lower risk of failure, compact size and true 360° coverage.

Dahua’s new NC55CT5 5MP 360° Panoramic IR Fisheye Network Camera (Indoor) and NC55CS5 5MP 360° Panoramic Fisheye Camera (Outdoor) have been upgraded with advanced AI technology, including new features that include people-counting up to four regions and advanced heat-mapping for more numerical information, all of which add up to heightened situational awareness. Ideal applications are open spaces such as retail stores lobbies and classrooms. For retail and warehouse customers, Dahua fisheye cameras with Analytics+ capabilities provide actionable intelligence to help identify criminal activity while also enabling better business decisions. Another application is in the expanding cannabis market, where growers require detailed and expansive attention to their operations.

Source: https://us.dahuasecurity.com/?p=59169

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