In the image sensor market, we are also focusing on the sensing field, where applications are expected to expand. Besides the imaging technology we have honed for viewing captured images, we will be combining this technology with sensing technology for acquiring and using a various information. In this way, we are cultivating new applications and markets for image sensors.

Sensing technology expanded by image quality, information, and higher speed

ToF Image Sensors: Expanding Possibilities in 3D Object Recognition

Time-of-flight (ToF) image sensors determine the distance to objects from the time it takes emitted light to reflect off the objects and reach the sensor. Pixel technology in Sony’s back-illuminated structure produces depth maps as accurate as those of conventional sensors even at 1.5 times the distance. Gesture, object recognition, and obstacle detection are expanding applications for these sensors, which are used in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) scenarios, and in robots and drones that require autonomous operations.

  • Image captured with a CMOS image sensor

  • A back-illuminated ToF image sensor

  • 3D model image combining a depth map and monochrome image


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