The SSC30KD/SSC30KQ series products are highly integrated multimedia System-on-Chip (SoC) products for high-resolution intelligent video recording applications like IP camera, CAR camera, and USB camera.

The chip includes a 32-bit Single-core RISC processor, advanced Image Signal Processor (ISP), high performance MJPEG/H.264/H.265 video encoder, Deep Learning Accelerator (DLA), Intelligent Video Engine (IVE), as well as high speed I/O interfaces like MIPI, and Ethernet. Advanced low-power, low-voltage architecture and optimized design flow are implemented to fulfill long time usage applications. Hardwired AES/DES/3DES cipher engines are integrated to support secure boot, authentication, and video/audio stream encryption in security system.

The SSC30KD/SSC30KQ, powered by SigmaStar Technology, comes with a complete hardware platform and software SDK, allowing customers to speed up “Time-to-Market.”

 High Performance Processor Core
 ARM Cortex-A7 Single Core
 Clock rate up to 1.2GHz
 Neon and FPU
 Memory Management Unit for Linux support
 DMA Engine
 Image/Video Processor
 Supports 8/10/12-bit parallel interface for raw data input
 Supports MIPI interface with 2/4 data lanes and 1 clock lane
 Supports one MIPI interface
 Supports sensor interface with both parallel and MIPI
 Supports 8/10-bit CCIR656 interface
 Supports max. 3K (3072×1728) pixels video recording and image snapshot
 Bad pixel compensation
 Temporal-domain Noise Reduction (3DNR)
 Bayer domain Spatial-domain Noise Reduction (2DNR)
 Bayer domain filter to remove purple false color in highlight regions
 Optical black correction
 Lens shading compensation
 Auto White Balance (AWB) / Auto Exposure (AE) / Auto Focus (AF)
 CFA color interpolation
 Color correction
 Gamma correction
 Video stabilization
 High Dynamic Range (HDR) with two exposure frames and de-ghost function
 Frame buffer data compression and decompression to save memory bandwidth
 Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) with local tone mapping
 Flip, Mirror, and Rotation with 90 or 270 degree
 Lens distortion correction (LDC/FishEye)
 Rolling shutter compensation
 Fully programmable multi-function scaling engines
 Advanced Color Engine
 Luma gain/offset adjustment
 Supports 2D peaking with user definition filter
 Horizontal noise masking
 Direct Luma Correction (DLC)
 Black/White Level Extension (BLE/WLE)
 IHC/ICC/IBC for chroma adjustment
 Histogram statistics
 Spatial domain IIR filter to reduce noise
 H.265/HEVC
 Supports H.265/HEVC main profile
 Supported Prediction Unit (PU) size: 32×32, 16×16, 8×8
 Supported Transform Unit (TU) size: 32×32 to 4×4
 Search range [H: +/-128, V: +/-64]
 Supports up to quarter-pixel
 Supports frame level and MB level rate control
 Supports ROI encoding with custom QP map
 Supports max. 3K with 30 fps encoding
 H.264 Encoder
 Supports H.264 baseline, constrained baseline, main, and high profile
 Supports 16×16, 8×8 and 4×4 block sizes
 Search range [H: +/-64, V: +/-32]
 Supports up to quarter-pixel
 Supports frame level and MB level rate control
 Supports ROI encoding with custom QP map
 Supports max. 3K with 30 fps encoding
 JPEG Encoder
 Supports JPEG baseline encoding
 Supports YUV422 or YUV420 formats
 Supports max. 3K with 30 fps encoding
 Supports real-time mode and frame encode
 Video Encoding Performance
 Supports 3K + D1 30fps H.265/HEVC encoding
 Supports 3K + D1 30fps H.264 encoding
 Supports MJPEG up to 3K 30 fps encoding
 Deep Learning Accelerator
 Pure hardwired accelerator
 Supports various video analysis functions like FD/FR, human detection, MD/OD, object tracking, etc.
 Audio Processor
 One stereo ADC for microphone input
 2-pin DMIC input
 One mono DAC for lineout
 Supports 8K/16K/32KHz/48KHz sampling rate audio recording
 Digital and analog gain adjustment
 I2S digital audio input and output with TDM up to 8-ch input and 2-ch output
 NOR/NAND Flash Interface
 Compliant with standard, dual and quad SPI Flash memory components
 High speed clock/data rate up to 108MHz
 SD Card/eMMC Interface
 Compatible with SD spec. 2.0, data bus 1/4 bit mode
 Supports eMMC 4.3 interface
 SDIO 2.0 Interface
 Compatible with SDIO spec. 2.0, data bus 1/4 bit mode
 Compatible with SD spec. 2.0, data bus 1/4 bit mode
 USB Interface
 One USB 2.0 configurable host or device
− Host mode supports EHCI specification
− Device mode supports up to 8 endpoints
 Supports suspend/hibernation/wake-up power saving mode
 DRAM Memory
 Embedded 1Gb or 2Gb 16-bit DDR3 memory with max. 2133Mbps
 Connectivity
 Built-in 10/100M Ethernet MAC and Ethernet PHY
 USB 2.0 Host Controller could be used for USB Wi-Fi Dongle or Module
 One SDIO 2.0 Host Controller could be used for SDIO Wi-Fi module
 Supports Wake-on-LAN (WOL)
 Supports BT.656 8-bit output with max. 75MHz clock rate (single clock edge)
 Supports BT.656 YUV422 format and progressive mode
 Security Engines
 Supports AES/DES/3DES/RSA/SHA-I/SHA256
 Supports secure booting
 Real Time Clock (RTC)
 Built-in RTC working with 32.768 KHz crystal
 Alarm interrupt for wakeup
 Tick time interrupt (millisecond)
 Built-in regulator
 Supports low leakage RTC-mode for long battery application
 Peripherals
 Dedicated GPIOs for system control
 Supports max. 11 PWM outputs
 Three generic UARTs and one fast UART with flow control
 Three generic timers and one watchdog timer
 Two SPI masters
 Four I2C Masters
 Built-in SAR ADC with 4-channel analog inputs for different kinds of applications
 Supports internal temperature sensor
 Operating Voltage Range
 Core: Typ. 0.9V
 I/O: 1.8/3.3V
 DRAM: 1.5V (DDR3) or 1.35V (DDR3L)
 Power Consumption: TBD
 Package
 QFN with 128 pins, 12.3mm x 12.3mm
 Moisture Sensitivity Level: 3


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