Are you a homeowner who is planning to install a surveillance camera system to improve the security of your home but on a tight budget? Or are you the kind of person who favors cheaper products so you can save money? Well, there are both disadvantages and benefits of buyingContinue Reading

1. Ignoring Environmental Factors in Monitored Areas Ignoring environmental factors in monitored areas is the most common mistake made in CCTV deployment. The most intuitive example is ambient light level: insufficient or radically unequal lighting can result in undecipherable footage. Other factors that you need to consider are: Ambient humidity,Continue Reading

12 RECOMMENDED FEATURES OF AN OUTDOOR SECURITY CAMERA Remote Viewing Capability – This feature is important because it allows you to access or monitor your cameras in real-time while you are away as long as there is an Internet connection. In remote monitoring of the cameras, you can use mobile devicesContinue Reading