CCTV HDD Hard Drives for Video Surveillance Applications


  • Custom-built for surveillance applications with Image Perfect firmware for crisp, clear, 24×7 video workloads
  • Maximum 180TB/year workload rating—3× the workload rating of desktop drives—for reliable performance in write-intensive surveillance systems
  • Rotational vibration (RV) sensors help maintain performance in RAID and multi-drive systems (4TB or higher)
  • Up to 10TB of capacity to store up to 10,000 hours of HD video
  • 3 year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
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From the manufacturer

MaxDigitalData Coolspin is a low-power, quiet 3.5″ internal hard drive featuring SATA 6.0Gb/s and CoolSpin technology for reduced power consumption, minimized heat generation, and quiet operation. It is ideal for surveillance systems, CCTV DVRs, and desktop computers (PC/MAC). The MaxDigitalData hard drive offers an immense capacity and cache, utilizing innovative CoolSpin technology to achieve greater power efficiency and quiet operation for environmentally conscious computers.

At the core of CoolSpin technology is the optimization of motor speed, striking an ideal balance between performance, power usage, and acoustics. Alongside other Hitachi power management techniques, the CoolSpin technology allows the hard drive to achieve a 29% power savings. This new HDD is the first MDD CoolSpin hard drive equipped with a 6Gb/s SATA interface.

With its low power consumption, high capacity, and cool operation, the 3.5-inch hard drive enables manufacturers to take advantage of the latest components and operating systems in order to produce more eco-friendly systems. Manufacturers planning to utilize the highest capacity drive in their systems should consult the MDD High Capacity Technology Brief.

The power-efficient design of the hard drive ensures cooler operation and extended lifespan. CoolSpin and HiVERT technologies work together to create this new class of hard drive, delivering exceptional power utilization and thermal emissions. HiVERT technology plays a crucial role in efficiently managing power consumption.


Built for Surveillance system
Heavy workloads? No problem.
Smooth Video record & playback always
Designed for heavy duty 24×7 operation


Optimized for business, enterprise, and home security systems, CCTV hard drives deliver powerful capacity to support simultaneously streaming HD cameras and zero dropped frames. Built-in RV sensors help maintain performance in multi-bay systems, offering the flexibility to scale systems when more storage is needed. Lower power consumption reduces heat emissions and improves reliability. Enjoy long-term peace of mind with 2M hours MTBF.
24×7 clear streaming

24×7 Clear Streaming

Improve reliability by up to 30% with surveillance-optimized firmware.

Built Tougher

Built Tougher

Rely on 3× the workload rating of desktop drives—up to 180TB/year.

Built for Surveillance

Built for Surveillance

Built for home and SMB surveillance, our hard drive handles all your video data backup and streaming needs.

Heavy workloads? No problem.

Heavy workloads? No problem.

CCTV drives are not typical drives. They support heavy surveillance workloads by design.

Smooth Video—Always

Smooth Video—Always

Firmware is surveillance-optimized and equipped with vibration tolerance technology to ensure perfect video integrity.

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