4 Channel ACTIVE Balun Receiver :: BNC + RJ45 2-Pin Solid + Power Terminals :: Bright Sharp Jumpers :: Video Over UTP Ethernet Network Cable :: Up to 5,000 Feet Color Transmission Distance


  • 4 Channel Active UTP Video Balun (Receiver)
  • Use Two Cat 3/4/5/6 Cable To Connect Up To FOUR Cameras
  • Up To 5000ft/1500m COLOR Video Transmitting Distance, DC12V
  • Interference Rejection & Transient Protection Built-In
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-4 Channel Active UTP Video Balun (Receiver)
-Video frequency response: DC-6MHz
-Common-mode/differential-mode rejection: 15HKz-6MHz 60dB typ
-Wire type: Spec 24AWG UTP CAT5
-DC loop resistance: 18Ω/100M Differential Capacitance:62pf/M(Max)
-Power: DC12V —> Power Supply NOT Included!
-Surge suppression: 6000V 1.2u Sx50u S
-Weight: 400g
-Impedance: BNC coax:75Ω UTP/Connector:100Ω or RJ-45 100Ω
-Adjustable brightness & sharpness transmitter: Adjustable gain
-Environment: Temperature: 0~+50°C Humidity: 0~95%

The active UTP video transmitter is used to transmit four video signals via 8-wire CAT5e UTP cable over distances up to 2400 m (using an active receiver) or over distances up to 1500 m (using a passive receiver), preserving original video quality.
The device matches the 75 ohm impedance of the unbalanced sources to the impedance of the balanced lines formed by the pairs of the UTP cable. Used in video surveillance systems, such devices allow efficient design of transmission lines without hard wiring.
LED indicators
  • red: POWER
  • green: VIDEO
Distinguishing features
  • interference-free transmission of four video signals
  • the four channels use one 8-wire CAT5e UTP cable – it’s cheaper and better solution than troublesome long coaxial lines
  • maximum transmission distance 2400 m (using complementary active receiver)
  • built-in anti-interference filters
The type of cable and connector wiring
A UTP cable rated CAT5 or higher is required. The quality of the cable used has a direct impact on the image quality and transmission range.
The wires should be connected in accordance with the scheme TIA/EIA-586B for RJ-45 connectors. Coaxial cables terminated with BNC plugs are to be connected to the BNC sockets.
Depending on the length of the transmission line, the slider of the “Level” switch should be set to the lowest level (left position) for a distance of 1400-1700 m, to the medium level (middle position) for a distance of 1700-2000 meters, or to the highest level (right position) for a distance of over 2000 meters. The distance ranges are given for CAT5e UTP cable. Using other wiring, the level settings may be appropriate for slightly different distance ranges.

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Additional information

CCTV Format

HD-TVI (BNC Coax), HD-CVI (BNC Coax), AHD (BNC Coax), Analog CVBS (BNC Coax)




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