Ultra HD vs Full HD vs HD vs SD

Over the past few years, driven by the consumer electronics market, HDTV LED/LCD television gradually replaces the traditional CRT television, HDTV technology achieve great success. As video surveillance now adopting HDTV, we usually hear several resolution standards including SD, HD, Full HD, Ultra HD. Compared with traditional CCTV video surveillance system, high definition means superior image quality.

SD (Standard Definition)

The so-called SD, is the physical resolution below 720p (1280x720) format. Specifically, that means resolution approximate 400 TV lines VCD, DVD, TV shows and other "SD" video format. Standard definition refers to full D1 (720x576), that is SMPTE 259M standard.

HD (High Definition)

The physical resolution higher than 720p called as High Definition (HD). 720p means the vertical resolution is 720 television lines with progressive scan. About HD standard, internationally recognized two criteria: video vertical resolution higher than 720p or 1080i; video aspect ratio is 16:9.