Sony Electronics’ Security Systems Division

Sony Electronics' Security Systems Division produces a full line of professional security and surveillance technologies that set industry standards for image quality and performance. All products are based on Sony's advanced image sensors, which provide greater resolution at higher speeds than any other imaging technology. All of Sony's security and surveillance products are available through its dedicated network of channel partners, which Sony collaborates with to design and customize total solutions. Sony's full line of IPELA® IP cameras, hybrid cameras, analog cameras, network surveillance recorders, monitors and accessories are used to address security, surveillance and business challenges in diverse applications and markets, including transportation, retail, ports/utilities, education and more.

Sony's Security and Surveillance Products at Work

Sony’s full line of security and surveillance products is used in virtually every size and type of application. End users range from the smallest retailers to the largest multinationals and government agencies. In every case, Sony works with its channel partners to deliver complete security and surveillance solutions that are customized to meet the end user’s needs.

Sony's Core Technologies

Sony's core technologies power its IP-based security and surveillance products, providing features such as superb image quality and video analytics at the hardware level.

IPELA ENGINE™ Technology
IPELA ENGINE is Sony's integrated signal processing system. It is the first technology capable of delivering full-motion, high definition video with 130dB wide dynamic range. This drastically enhances Sony’s video images and generates the highest possible picture quality available in the security industry.

IPELA ENGINE technology offers a range of unique features and benefits, including: Full HD resolution enables enhanced visibility in all environments where wide dynamic range is required; high frame rate playback supports 60fps for smoother video of moving objects, allowing users to identify objects or human behavior more precisely. Image stabilization and flicker correction allow users to view and record video clearly; auto tracking and auto detection to allow unmanned object tracking and capture.

IPELA ENGINE is found inside all of Sony’s IP cameras and has four key components:

    • View-DR™ Technology: View-DR produces images with an extremely wide dynamic range, nearly doubling the light sensitivity that is offered by conventional technologies. Image clarity is drastically enhanced by combining images taken at varying shutter speeds within a single frame. Currently Sony’s technology delivers 90 dB wide dynamic range and will soon be the security industry's first to deliver 130 dB wide dynamic range in full HD (1920x1080) at 30 frames/second – producing a better image than even the human eye can see.
    • High Frame Rate: High-speed recording at 60 frames a second – double that of the standard number of frames – generates smoother, higher quality images in full HD.
    • DEPA™ Advanced (Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture) Technology: DEPA Advanced is an embedded technology that provides pre-processing of image data at the camera level and post-processing of image data at the recording and monitoring level. This greatly enhances video analytic capabilities, such as detecting moving objects, identifying humans, and recognizing obstructed views.
    • XDNR™ (Excellent Dynamic Noise Reduction) Technology: XDNR reduces noise in IP cameras and provides clear images for both moving and still objects under low-light conditions. This minimizes motion blur, which is a common challenge in outdoor surveillance monitoring applications.

Sony's Security Product Categories

Sony's Security Systems Division offers a full range of analog and IP products designed to integrate seamlessly with legacy networks and with products from other vendors. All products are also backed by Sony's experienced service organization that provides support long after a sale or installation is complete.