Today, security camera manufacturers can provide HD security cameras come with motorized zoom lenses. Compared with the conventional manual vari-focal lens, a camera has the motorized zoom lens can automatically adjust the focal length of camera to get clear auto focused image. This makes security camera installation become much quicker and easier. Additionally, the motorized zoom lens can be controlled through Zoom/Focus buttons on web interface, smartphone App, or even the Joystick PTZ controller (RS485).

What Are The Advantages Of A Motorized Zoom Lens?

If the video surveillance projects require installing multiple security cameras, choosing the cameras equipped with motorized zoom lens can significantly reduce the installation and debug working load, there is no need to adjust each camera physically.

  • Adjust the camera's field of view (FoV) to find the optical view of the area for your video monitoring application e.g. face recognition, vehicle license plate number recognition.
  • Avoid losing focus, automatically correct the focusing to obtain clear image. The installed cameras may lose focus which could cause from the effects of natural forces, such as shrink and expand due to operating in a wide range of temperatures and the vibration generated by wind.
  • No need to adjust the FoV when cameras move to new location.
  • Offering optical zoom, no need to physically adjust the lens. Normally this require small and precise adjustment which is hard to practice by hand.

In conclusion, it's recommended to choose the HD cameras equipped with motorized lenses, especially for users don't want to use the expensive IP/CCTV Camera Testers. Most HD network cameras don't have analog video signal output for on-site debugging purpose, also IP cameras exist video latency problem, all these reasons make lens adjustment become very difficult.

Adjustable Variable Focal Length For Diverse Applications

Allowing security installer to adjust security camera's focal length to change the field of view (FoV) is the obvious advantage of varifocal lens security camera. Varifocal cameras can have a range of focal lengths such as 2.8 - 12mm, 4-9mm, 9-22mm, 6-60mm, 5-10mm. Among them, 2.8-12mm lens is commonly used in vari-focal security cameras, the lens offers a range of field of view from wide 90°to narrow 22°, this FoV range can provide the sufficient surveillance angle for diversity applications. 6-60mm and 5-10mm lenses are commonly used in long distance video surveillance cameras for specific applications such as license plate recognition.

Additionally, the adjustable lens of a varifocal camera enables the installer or end-users to change the focal length to capture the view desired by the end-users for their location. It's especially important for customers who may change their mind frequently. For example, sometimes a customer requests a specific focal length, then, after seeing the live image captured within the field of view, decides they want to camera to capture a different angle or view.

Choosing the vari-focal lens security camera, the installer or technician has the flexibility to change the camera's focal length which meet the customer's preference. This eliminate the requirement of having to physically re-locate or re-install the camera to get the ideal field of view for security camera.

Lower Installation Costs

Although a varifocal lens camera is slightly more expensive than a fixed lens camera, the varifocal camera can actually save a customer more money in the long-run by offering the flexibility of changing the focal length at a present or future time. The initial cost-savings may not be worth the extra time, money, or headache associated with having to re-locate/re-install the fixed lens camera, in order to get the view desired by clients. The installation of security camera typically involves with construction works such as drilling holes in the wall, relocating or move the installed security camera brings much headache.

Motorized Lens For An Easy Installation

Beside the general vari-focal lens which requires the installer to manually adjust the focal length. The motorized vari-focal lens camera can automatically adjust the focus and zoom, which greatly simplified the installation process. Furthermore, the lens is motorized, you can adjust the camera's focal length remotely through Internet browsers or Client software.

P-Iris / Auto-Iris

P-Iris stands for precise Iris, it's a quite new optical lens control technology, which firstly introduced by Axis. The P-Iris lens is a motorized lens which has the ability to create improved video clarity and depth of field (DoF). IP camera adopts the P-Iris lens, which allows camera to keep an accurate and consistent sharpness and depth of view. In addition to P-Iris, installers also can choose Auto-Iris lens security camera. Auto-Iris is motorized lens, with the ability to adjust the iris to keep constant video level, is good for capturing outdoor scenes during changing lighting condition. Compared with Fixed or Manual Iris lens, Auto Iris lens used more advanced technology, camera with an Auto Iris lens are often more expensive.