Eyenix - Digital Image Stabilizer

Digital Image Stabilizer, DIS, corrects video shaking which occurs in a camera. DIS detects the amount of camera movement caused by handshaking or outer vibration of the camera, and compensates its shifted image stably. DIS module provides the best performance in drift correction with sub-pixel accuracy at all kinds of scenes. The clear image can be achieved under the outdoor unstable condition caused by large optical zoom, more than x30, as applying to video camera systems, security camera or camcorder.

  • Correcting unsteady images in real time
  • Correcting pre-recorded media in addition to live video
  • Setting motion detection area for detecting motions in video
  • Provides sub-pixel level correction precision
  • Correction accuracy simple design / no need for special connections
  • Measurable in sub-pixels
  • Compact, DC operation

Compensated Image