Adaptive Contrast Enhancer

Adaptive Contrast Enhancer is necessary because imaging devices has narrow dynamic range. Conventional methods, such as Gamma Correction or Histogram Equalization, are normally lost their contents information in limit area, and then picture quality of bright/dark area can be degraded.

Eyenix’s ACE processing is based on the human visual system. The ACE automatically calculates a different curve transformation for each pixel in image, based on an analysis of the image segmentation. Processed result image is capable of drastic adaptive contrast enhancer, while preserving fine details and avoiding common artifacts, gradient reversals or loss of local contrast.

  • High Quality adaptive contrast enhancer
  • Histogram based contrast enhancement
  • Adaptive Gamma controller artifacts
  • FPGA Implementation
  • Hardwired IP CORE
  • Not required Special DSP or CPU

Block Diagram

Restored Image