AHD 720P/1080P


Standard open private open open open open
Signal type
analog analog analog analog digital digital
Image Quality
rite very good very good very good excellent very good
Resolution 700TVL 720P/1080P 720P/1080P 720P/1080P 1080P 720P/1080Р and more
Coax infrastructure compatibility high high high high medium converter is required
Hybrid real-time mode (CCTV+HDCCTV+IP) no yes yes yes no no
Solution difficulty
medium medium medium low medium high
Max line distance
without repeater, m
(cable 5С-2V)
cable 5С-2V, РК75-5
cable 5С-2V, РК75-5
cable 5С-2V, РК75-5
cable 5С-2V, РК75-5
cable 5С-2V, РК75-5
cable Cat.5
Cable type
coax coax coax any coax coax twisted pair
Cable quality requirements medium medium medium low high low
Compression/losses no no no no no yes
Latencies no no no no no yes
Video recorder
Maintenance difficulty
low low low low low high
Solution cost
low medium low low high high


Deciding to upgrade your old analog video surveillance system? Or planning to buy and install a new "High Definition" analog surveillance system? Well, you may get a headache from the different HD-over-coaxial technologies including AHD, CVI, and TVI. So one question may come to your mind, "which one is the right choice for me?". When searching online, you will find many articles promoting each of technologies is the ideal choice for your analog video surveillance system. End-users are not the only people encountering this problem as some camera manufacturers and professional installers can't even decide. In this article, we intend to share some truths and facts you must know about AHD CCTV format security cameras.

Is 720p AHD better than Sony Effio 700TVL?

People are quite familiar with Sony Effio, Effio is used to be the main product in analog video surveillance market. Since the CVI, AHD, TVI products come into play, its glare gradually fades away. According to Nextchip (Korean chipset manufacturer, developer of AHD technology), AHD has three versions: AHD 0.8, AHD 1.0 and AHD 2.0. AHD 1.0 can support 720p high definition (HD) video capturing and recording. AHD 2.0 can support 1080p full high definition (FHD) resolution. Is AHD 720p better than Sony Effio 700TVL? The answer is no, the real test result is AHD 720p is equal to Sony Effio 700TVL.

720p AHD vs 720p IP Camera, which is better?

As a technician in surveillance industry for almost five years. I will recommend IP video surveillance system when customers want to setup a new video surveillance system. It's undeniable that analog HD-over-coaxial technologies are cheaper and able to deliver so-called "720p / 1080p" HD video, but IP camera system is future proof. Unless you want to upgrading existing analog system because coaxial cables are not easy to replace, HD-over-coaxial products can be good choices. So, 720p AHD/CVI/TVI vs 720p IP camera, which is better? The answer is 720p IP camera is better. From end-user's report, the 720p AHD image resolution is poorer than 720p IP camera, but 960P (1.3 megapixel resolution) image quality is equal to 720p images from IP cameras.

In summary:

  • 720p AHD/CVI/TVI = Sony Effio 700TVL analog cameras
  • 960P AHD/CVI/TVI = 720p (1.0MP) Network cameras
  • 1080P AHD/CVI/TVI = 960P - 1080P (1.3MP - 2MP) Network cameras

Can AHD cameras connect to traditional monitor?

Analog camera + nextchip TX (transmitter) chipset = AHD camera, this means AHD camera can't connect to traditional monitor. When AHD cameras connect to traditional monitor, the CRT monitor can show image, but it's black/white color. Additionally, the AHD cameras also can't work with Analog Matrix and other video transmission, recording & displaying device. Can AHD cameras work with traditional DVR? Well, it's a bit complex for this question, we answer this may take a paragraph.

AHD cameras MAYBE can work with your 960H DVR

1. Depending on your AHD cameras: AHD cameras have total three formats; AHD 0.8, AHD 1.0, AHD 2.0. If you choose AHD camera that supports AHD 0.8 format, then camera will deliver 960H resolution, so it works with your traditional 960H DVR. This is the reason why Nextchip claims AHD is back-compatible with conventional analog video surveillance system.

2. Depending on your DVRs: Based on DVR hardware, DVR manufacturers developed ADVR (AHD DVR) fast. The most of ADVR supports different resolutions including CIF, D1, 960H/AHDL, AHDM. This enables DVR to work with both conventional CCTV cameras and AHD cameras.

How to choose ADVR for your AHD cameras?

1. Recording & Playback resolution

Choosing ADVRs that support higher resolution, or at least match the resolution of your AHD cameras. I personally recommend users to buy 1080p AHD DVRs, since it's the highest recording resolution the DVR supported. According to AHD DVR specification, there are three recording formats:

  • AHDL: AHD 0.8, works with 960H AHD cameras and traditional analog cameras
  • AHDM: AHD 1.0, works with 960P/720P/960H AHD cameras
  • AHDH: AHD 2.0, works with 1080P/960P/720P/960H AHD cameras

2. Frame per second (FPS)

The frame rate means display or record frame per second. For frame rate, when all the DVR in real-time recording, the frame rate is 30 (NTSC) / 25 (PAL) frames per second, for advertising DVR can record more frame rate than 30 frame per second are untrue. To get a good quality analog video surveillance system, you need to use DVRs that provide real time recording.


AHD Cameras Chipset + Image Sensor

Format Chipset (NextChip) Image Sensor Effective Pixels
AHD 720P/960H NVP2431H Sony IMX225 1280x720
AHD 720p/960H NVP2431H Sony IMX238 1280x720
AHD 1080P NVP2441H OmniVision OV2710 1920x1080
AHD 1080P+960H NVP2441H Aptina AR0230 1920x1080
AHD 1080P NVP2441H Sony IMX222 1920x1080
AHD 960P NVP2431H PixArt 5130 1280x960
AHD 960P NVP2431H Aptina AR0130 1280x960
AHD 720P NVP2431H Aptina AR0141 1280x800
AHD 960P NVP2430H Sony IMX238 1305x1049
AHD 720P NVP2431H OmniVision OV9712 1280x720