Listed below are some sound tips to help you protect your family, belongings and provide peace of mind.

  • Tip #1 – Install an apartment security system!

    Alarm systems are an effective deterrent. Nine out of ten convicted burglars agree they would avoid a house protected by an alarm system. Security system decals and signs are also an effective deterrent. If a break-in does occur, police is immediately notified and a loud audible alarm goes off to raise attention to the break-in preventing any theft.


  • Tip #2 – Reinforce all exterior door frames!

    Door kicking has become the number one method that burglars use to enter apartments and homes. Now you don’t need to install door jamb armor for an apartment, but you do need to install some sort of jamb reinforcement. The idea is to make it more difficult to penetrate the perimeter of the apartment. If an intruder gets in he can grab stuff and be gone in just a few minutes. It does make a little noise kicking in a door. The problem is that by the time your neighbor look they will already be inside. Worse, all the damage will be to the inside of the frame and on the outside everything will look just fine. Make sure you have a solid door as opposed to a hollow core door.


  • Tip #3 – Reinforce your sliding glass door!

    Many sliding glass doors can be lifted right out of the tracks. There are several other security concerns in patio & balcony doors. First, never depend on the handle lock as your main security feature. Second, install a pin lock or a track lock if the slider can be lifted straight up and out of the track. Third, install a pole or board in the track so the door can’t be slid open at all.


  • Tip #4 – Install better locks on windows!

    Always make sure your windows are locked, reachable or not. If you have sliding windows you can install a board in the track just like the patio door. Make sure that the window can’t just be lifted out of the track. If you have windows that are single hung, you can cut a board and put it on top to trap it from opening. Make sure you cut the board so it fits from corner to corner. The best way to secure a window is with a window pin or screw through both frames.


  • Tip #5 – Install better locks on all exterior doors!

    Many apartment tip lists will tell you to make sure the locks have been changed; I’m telling you to make sure they have been upgraded too. Purchase upgraded locks that cannot be bumped or picked. Lock bumping has become a major threat to the security of every building out there, especially apartments. Apartments make easy targets for burglars. In facts, national statistics rank apartment burglaries higher than owned residences; an apartment is just easier to scope out.


  • Tip #6 – Install a safe and lock up expensive items!

    If you have cash, jewelry, guns, documents, etc… lock them up in a safe that is secured to a closet wall or floor. If you get a big enough safe you can get away without bolting it down and will provide a greater safe storage area.


  • Tip #7 – Keep expensive items out of view!

    If you have a laptop or other portable electronic devices, put it between the towels or blankets in a closet when you go out, or simply keep it in a place not visible to would-be robbers peaking in through your windows.


  • Tip #8 – Leave lights on when not home!

    When you go out leave lights and a TV on. Don’t just leave your kitchen sink light on. That is the most common light that people leave on when they go out. If you are just leaving a few lights on then leave the bathroom and bedroom lights on. You can install timers to turn lights on and off automatically.


  • Tip #9 – Use common sense!

    Don’t ever leave notes on the door or a copy of your key hidden outside your unit. This is a really bad idea. Notes on a door just scream, I’m not home come and rob me. And never ever leave a key outside, this just defeats the whole idea of apartment security!


  • Tip #10 – Know the facts!

    Apartments are more likely to get robbed than homes because they are an easier target. The most common items that are stolen during a burglary are laptops, jewelry, cash, game systems, i-pods, and guns. The majority of burglaries happen during the day, not at night! The most common way a burglar gets in is by kicking in the door.


  • Tip #11 – Install a peep hole and ask for photo ID!

    Always check to see who is at your door before you open the door, and ask for photo identification from anyone performing any service and repairs or delivering a package. If you already have one installed make sure it is clean and usable. Don’t forget to never obstruct or cover your peephole with any door decorations during holidays and special occasions.


  • Tip # 12 – Landlord must provide basic security!

    If you have a security door that leads to a hallway of apartments, make sure it stays closed and is locked. If it is constantly being propped open notify management. If that doesn’t solve the problem put your complaint in writing and try again. If that doesn’t work, notify a landlord-tenant action group for help. You have a lease and are entitled to a safe atmosphere to live in!


  • Tip #13 – Be careful in public areas!

    Lucky number thirteen is to be careful when using public laundry rooms, public storage areas, and trash areas. If you have to go to a dumpster take your car and if you have an alarm system use your remote as a defensive device. Take trash out while it is still light out. Report lights out within your complex and in laundry and storage areas. Report all security concerns to management in writing. Always keep a copy of things you put in writing to a landlord or management.


  • Tip #14 – Get renters insurance; it’s really cheap!

    Renter’s insurance can save you thousands of dollars in case of an emergency. Do not forget to take photos of all the items that you have and write down serial numbers for all the items that have value; keep receipts for the stuff that you buy so you can show value if requested by your insurance; and mark personal items with your driver license number in either permanent ink or invisible ink for identification.


  • Tip #15 – Make sure that your name is not written on your mailbox!

    The apartment number is enough or just a first name with a last initial. If a person has your last name and where you live they can search for information about you online. That could lead to a number of problems. Besides, you don’t know who lives around you. Bad people live in apartments too.


  • Tip # 16 – Know who lives around you!

    Search the National Alert Registry, Family Watch Dog and FBI’s Database for possible sexual predators living near you or in your complex.


  • Tip #17 – Make sure smoke detectors are installed and working!

    Make sure that there are smoke detectors throughout the building in hallways and laundry areas and that they work. If you find any problems alert management or the landlord. If they don’t fix the problem call the fire chief of your local fire department or call code enforcement in your local city or township.